Services Moving to Amazon WebServices (AWS)

We’ve had numerous issues with GoDaddy, with DNS service settings being recent (twice) and additional services associated to our account (not initiated by us) that we decided to move everything to Amazon Web Services.

Migration Plan is as follows:

  • Q4 2019: BillGrid Blog
  • Q1 2020 DNS Service (Service that connects URL to Hosting)
  • Q2 2020 Domain name (
  • Q3 2020 Email Services (currently run by mandrill/Mailchimp)
  • Q3+ 2020 Hosting (application)
  • Q3+ 2020 Database

All of the above migration is intended to improve the speed and reliability of the services. Our goal is not to have any service interruptions while this is happening, but occasional hiccups are possible.

Thank you for your continuous support of BillGrid services.

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