BillGrid Email From and Reply To Changes

Recently several major email providers including Yahoo and AOL updated their email policy on how email From address is validated. This means that any system except for the original domain owner will not be able to send any email on behalf of the or Such emails will be rejected unless you’re emailing from Yahoo and AOL websites. Other large email providers are expected to follow suit in attempt to reduce email spam.

How does this impact your BillGrid account? If you previously setup your Settings/Account Settings From Email – it has been updated to be a Reply To address instead. Reply To address is activated when your clients would try to reply back on the email, no matter where the email originated from.

All BillGrid customer facing emails will now originate from billing.[your company name] For example if your company name is Pancake Design House – the emails would be originating from Please note that if you have any non-standard email characters in the company name – From Email would then come as

We expect this change to improve email deliverability all your emails and hope this causes very little inconvenience. Your clients are still replying to emails and reminders properly and no communication should be missing or lost.

You can read about the changes for Yahoo here and for AOL here.

For any questions please feel free to contact our support.

Bill Happy,

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