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Import Expenses to New Invoice

We hope you’re all enjoying the World Cup (we certainly do). Despite of all the fun – we’ve been hard at work and happy to announce a new feature for Invoices: Import Expenses.

Expenses are designed to track one-off charges when you are not yet ready to invoice your clients. Once you are ready to send the invoice. You can either select all expenses for a given client/project on Expenses page and use Convert to Invoice button:

convert expenses

or you can start creating a new Invoice and use Import Expenses button once you’ve selected the client:

import expenses

In both cases all OPEN expenses will be added as new line items on an invoice.

Things to know:

  • A new expense is created with an Open status
  • An imported to invoice expense (with invoice saved) will show up with status Exported
  • A paid invoice with an expense will automatically change expense status to Paid
  • If there are expenses you do not wish to import you have the option of closing them via Close button on the Expenses page. This will make the status of an expense as Closed. There is always an option to delete an expense if you want to get rid of the expense entirely.

If you have been using BillGrid for a while you might need to clear your browser cache to pick up the changes from this release. If not sure how to do that you can refer to our earlier post clearing browser cache.

Bill Happy,

Estimate Number Default

Happy to announce a new feature in BillGrid: automated Estimate Numbering. This feature has already been available on invoices and now it is available for estimates.

By default all accounts start off with a Numbering 000001 and empty prefix. This can be easily tweaked under Settings->Estimate Defaults (or Invoice Defaults for invoices).

Estimate Defaults

For example lets suppose your company name is Italian Bakery Inc and you would like your estimate numbers to look like IB-000001, IB-000002 and so on. You can easily do this by saving IB as the prefix on your Invoice and Estimate Defaults and you’re done.

Estimate Number


Some advanced tips:Some folks find it convenient to sort through invoices/estimates by year. You can accommodate this easily if you add the year into your default prefix this way your invoices/estimate number could look like: IB2014 – 000001.

As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Bill Happy,


BillGrid Email From and Reply To Changes

Recently several major email providers including Yahoo and AOL updated their email policy on how email From address is validated. This means that any system except for the original domain owner will not be able to send any email on behalf of the or Such emails will be rejected unless you’re emailing from Yahoo and AOL websites. Other large email providers are expected to follow suit in attempt to reduce email spam.

How does this impact your BillGrid account? If you previously setup your Settings/Account Settings From Email – it has been updated to be a Reply To address instead. Reply To address is activated when your clients would try to reply back on the email, no matter where the email originated from.

All BillGrid customer facing emails will now originate from billing.[your company name] For example if your company name is Pancake Design House – the emails would be originating from Please note that if you have any non-standard email characters in the company name – From Email would then come as

We expect this change to improve email deliverability all your emails and hope this causes very little inconvenience. Your clients are still replying to emails and reminders properly and no communication should be missing or lost.

You can read about the changes for Yahoo here and for AOL here.

For any questions please feel free to contact our support.

Bill Happy,

Copy Invoice/Estimate Url Link

We’ve added a new feature to copy the link of the invoice or estimate directly from the view pages. To use the new feature – login to BillGrid, go to your invoice or estimate page, click Options menu control and find Show Invoice/Estimate Url option:

Show Invoice Url

The url link will be displayed right under the menu buttons. You can either directly copy out the link yourself (Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C) or click the clipboard icon that will do that for you. Confirmation popup will alert you that you copied the link successfully. You can now paste the link into any other program by using Ctrl+V or right mouse click-> Paste.

Show Invoice Url

More exciting features are coming to BillGrid soon, so stay tuned.

Bill Happy,


Uplifted Payment Screens and More Stuff..

It might sound strange – but we’d love you to spend less time with BillGrid. If we designed the system right – you’d be on your way to the beach (or other preferred location) while BillGrid is doing the heavy work. The goal is obvious – create invoices in seconds, setup payment integrations to easily accept payments and use due date reminders so you would not need to do any follow ups. So what happened? Well, as hard as it is to accept – but we could have used some improvements to help invoice creation, payments interface and so on. We’ve listened to the feedback and are now ready with some time-saving improvements!

Wise Client Picker

If you have more then a few clients – selecting them out of the long list is a painful endeavor. Why not add a type-ahead picker that matches to any part of the client name, say you?


Record More Details About Offline Payments

When entering client payment its handy to remember when the payment was made, how the payment was made (check, credit card..) and maybe some additional details about it. We realize that not all payments are done online – so we’ve enabled to enter all of such details within your Payment screens.


More Intuitive Online Payment Screens

Your client will thank you for the the uplifted payment interface – which is now more mobile friendly and intuitive.


Client with Tax Id

In some countries – it is required to have company Tax Id specified for each company listed. Even if you could have jammed that information before in other fields – we’ve added a designated location for it under Additional Information.

taxId taxId_2 Improved. Awesome New Features Await

We’ve Been Busy!

Our team has been busy churning out some really cool features in addition to our homepage redesign. While our new design motto’s been “less is more” – it certainly does not reflect on the number of improvements we’ve made all over the place. Check out the basics in this email or simply log in to your account and see for yourself.


Scheduled Plan Changes

Over the last few years we’ve been growing at an extremely high rate, adding many successful freelancers and small business companies to the BillGrid’s fold. We have and always will be treating our clients like family,  while trying to deliver our product and support that we wouldn’t hesitate to use ourselves.

Our Professional and Company (Team) plans will remain unchanged.

Legacy freeware accounts will remain until May 1st, 2013. If you are using BillGrid’s legacy freeware plan – please sign up to Professional or Company plans and support our product.

Invoice/Estimate Summary

Have special client salutation requirements or just want to summarize the work before starting the invoice line items? Check out a new Summary field on the invoice and estimate form.


Improved Time Import Functionality

Newly minted time import feature allows importing time entries with detailed and customized descriptions in detailed or group arrangement.


Have You Changed Your Theme Yet?

Customize your invoices by style and color. You can select from classic and bold themes while setting background and font colors to whatever is your most favorite color. Check out the Change Theme button on the View Invoice or View Estimate page.

Invoice Multiple Client Contacts

If you need to post more then one person when sending a quote or an invoice – you can now add multiple client contacts. When you are adding or editing a client – click Add Additional Contact and fill out the necessary details.

Invoice Multiple Client Contacts

Once you’ve saved a client with multiple contacts and went on to create a new invoice or estimate – you’ll be able to select notification destination among multiple contacts. Whichever contact was marked as primary – will always be selected by default.

Invoice Multiple Client Contacts

And we did not stop there. We’ve simplified adding contacts by breaking them down into Person and Company types. Person contact type has just name and email fields. Company client type includes address and allows multiple contacts.

Invoice Multiple Client Contacts

Happy Invoicing!

Save Invoice and Estimate events to Google Calendar

If you are like us, you must be using some kind of a calendar application. We use calendar to check on appointments, verify future engagements and track time spent by each activity. Now wouldn’t it be perfect if tracking invoice due dates, deliverables and payments was possible without going to another application… We heard your suggestions, and made them possible.

  • If you are not using Google Calendar directly – most calendar applications already support Google calendar within their settings. Please refer to you application’s settings section for more help.
  • You can use either a new calendar within Google Calendar or use your default  We recommend to add a new one so that its easy to configure tags for all of the events at once. Here is how you can do it from within Google Calendar:

Save Invoice and Estimate events to Google Calendar

Save Invoice and Estimate events to Google Calendar

To create a link between your Google Calendar and BillGrid you should go to Settings / Third Party Integrations and click on Add Integration next to Google Calendar. After a few screens of approval you will be able to pick which calendar you’d like to link BillGrid events with.

Save Invoice and Estimate events to Google Calendar

Save Invoice and Estimate events to Google Calendar

All invoice due dates and approvals will now post directly to the calendar you specified as an “all-day event”. All estimate delivery date and approvals will be posted to your calendar as well. When you delete an invoice or estimate – BillGrid automatically removes the event from your calendar. You can setup individual permissions on what you’d like posted on your calendar from the Settings / Third Party Integrations page:

Save Invoice and Estimate events to Google Calendar

Save Invoice and Estimate events to Google Calendar

If you are not seeing events posted properly:

  • If your Google Calendar’s General Settings is not allowing to show events that you did not approve – you need to update it. BillGrid will remind you of this when you are linking your calendar account.

Save Invoice and Estimate events to Google Calendar

  • If you are not seeing an event after an invoice or estimate was created (with properly linked account) – you should refresh your page with Google Calendar loaded. To doso – click on the Calendar tab or re-login to your Google account.

Save Invoice and Estimate events to Google Calendar

Have you tried BillGrid‘s intuitive client billing and time management application yet? If you have – we hope you enjoy Google Calendar event integration. If not – it takes less then a minute to begin! 

How to Create a Valid Tax Invoice

Australian Government Tax Invoice specifications require:

  • visible information about supplier with ABN (Australian Business Number)
  • brief description of item(s) sold with quantity and price
  • taxable information of each item
  • issue date
  • GST tax amount
  • if document was issued by recipient – GST is to be payable by supplier

Would BillGrid help with creating a proper Tax Invoice?

If your base account currency is already in Australian Dollars your clients would automatically be created in Australian Dollar currency. If not, you can always select AUD when creating a new client – or even on the invoice directly.

  How to Create a Valid Tax Invoice

You should be able to add “GST” tax item in your Settings / Taxes section


To add your company tax id to the invoices – you can add add it under Settings / Company Profile. If you forget to do this step – you can always try mentioning it within the Notes section.

How to Create a Valid Tax Invoice

When creating an invoice – you’ll find proper due and issue date fields, invoice summary and line items with proper pricing and tax details. You should be able to change your invoice label to “Tax Invoice” by hovering over the INVOICE text and editing it afterwards.

How to Create a Valid Tax Invoice

If you are creating an invoice as a recipient you can setup GST tax with a negative percentage, such that it is discounted from total

How to Create a Valid Tax Invoice

Final Look

How to Create a Valid Tax Invoice

Hope you’ve found this helpful & happy invoicing!

Invoice and Estimate with Attachments

We are thrilled to announce a new feature of BillGrid – file attachments. Everyone can attach receipts, documents or other files to your client estimates or invoices:

Invoice and Estimate with Attachments


File attachments are easily identifiable on the view invoice and estimate page by file type and file name. Your clients will be able to open the attachments in their browser by clicking on the file name link:

Invoice and Estimate with Attachments


File attachments should be < 5 MB and we are still working out how much total allowed space for each registered account. Stay tuned and have a great weekend!