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Create Beautiful and Professional Custom Invoices

One of the most unique features that BillGrid has to offer is the customizable Invoice Themes. Create fully customizable invoice templates that are easy to create and send online in seconds. Impress your clients with professional looking Invoices that will surely get their attention and bring you more business.

Unlike any other online Invoice Billing software, BillGrid lets you design your own professional Invoice look to match your Company Brand. The design for the Invoice Template is focused on flexibility and ease of use for the business user.

Here is a detailed guide we put together to help you create beautiful and professional custom Invoices for your Business.

When you create your first Invoice make sure you have your Company information set up in the “Setting” section under the Company Logo and Profile. Pretty sure you already have it set up, but just in case you didn’t, it’s quick and simple.

Be sure to include the following about your company:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Logo – to allow you to customize your invoices with your own logo.

After you have your Client set up, then you are ready to create an Invoice. Click on the Invoice tab from the menu or “Add Invoice” button.

When you create a new Invoice follow the below guide. Not all fields are required so use only what you need:

  • Add Due Date
  • If you have a recurring Invoice that happens to repeat on weekly, month, etc type basis, then you want to create a Subscription Invoice. Which can be located from the top menu.
  • Choose the Client this Invoice you are preparing for from the Prepared For downdown option.
  • Select Invoice Item Type for either: Expense, Hour, Product. Don’t see item type you need on the list? No problem, you can add a New Item to your needs.
  • Add Description. You will notice the description has an editor tool bar to allow you to customize the description making copy bold, italic, underlines, Indent, Outdent, Numbering, Bullets and even add hyperlinks.
  • Add Cost
  • Add Quantity
  • Tax
  • You can also add Invoice Discount %
  • Summary note
  • Attach files to the Invoice
  • Select online payments you accepts via: Check, PayPal, Google Wallet, Stripe,
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Notes

Once you have the Invoice details added Save the Invoice and Preview what it looks like.

From the Preview Invoice, you can do the following:

  • Mark the Invoice as Paid
  • Send the Invoice, Forward Invoice, Send thank You Note, Send 1- Click Email, Rend Reminder Due-Date
  • View Invoice as a PDF
  • Edit Invoice
  • Options allows you to:
    • View the Invoice as Client
    • Show Invoice URL
    • Add Comment for your Client
    • Change Theme
    • Duplicate Invoice
    • Delete the Invoice


Change Invoice Theme (Located in the Invoice Preview> Options> Change Theme)

This is where you can start to change the Invoice Template look and customize it to your Company Brand.

  • Choose from different Invoice layouts. Including the Classic or the Bold Invoice look:
    Invoice custom classic bold theme

Classic Template Invoice Example: classic invoice

Bold Template Invoice Example:bold Invoice template design

The Change Invoice Theme Colors allows you to choose from various color options or to enter your own Hex color Number.Custom_Invoice_colors

Background- Choose to change the colors for the entire Invoice BackgroundInvoice custom Background template

Header Background- Choose to change the colors for the header Invoice BackgroundCustom Invoice header background template

Total Background- Choose to change the colors for the Total Invoice due to something that will stand out.
Invoice Total Custom Design Template

Header Font Color:Invoice-header-font-custom-theme

Heading color:

Table Header:

Table Font color:

Table Heading Font Color:

Total Font color:



Now that we showed you how you can customize Invoice templates and themes for your Business, go on and try it! Have fun with it and get creative. We at BillGrid believe that professional Invoice style that are customized to fit your Business will help enhance your company image and help you successfully grow.


Bill Happy,

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