Creating an Invoice Explained


After sending and receiving thousands of invoices between ourselves and our customers we’d like to share some invoicing wisdom with everyone.

Look and Feel

While there is no standard way for business invoices, most still follow similar patterns. In general the best invoice format would be one that highlights important information quickly. If client is not able to identify who the invoice is from, what is the total and when is it due in less then 30 seconds – you should consider making those details more visible.

Zoom into Invoice Details 


Many invoices do not have a logo and work just great. From branding perspective, however, it makes sense to display your company name next to a simple logo to make sure your clients continue to associate the two. If you find yourself putting banner and other promotional materials into your invoices, then you have definitely overdone it!

Company Name

Your company should be the most obvious thing that has to be recognized first. It helps to keep it on top of the document and if possible, accompany it with a small logo.

Company Address 

Address should be easy to read and follow correct format.

Contact Number and Email

Most overlooked detail on most invoices is contact information. It may so happen that your customers will want to question a particular detail of your invoice and not providing such information may lead to an invoice you would have to be following up yourself.

Invoice Number

An invoice should be identifiable so that when your customers are calling, you’d be able to quickly pull it up.

Paper Format

Invoice details should be easily recognized so if your invoice is printed on an oddly textured paper with some distracting background – you are not achiving such goal. Back to the drawing board!

Should Payment Stub

If you are expecting your clients to pay by mailing a check back to your company – to make their lives easier it helps to include a pay stub with where to mail the check and whom to write it to.

Notes and Terms

It helps to state additional details that are not listed in line items in notes. If you established terms of paying an invoice, including it can be helpful in case you or clients are suffering from a temporary memory loss.

Electronic or Paper?

This is where most people will have their own opinions so we’ll just note that in our experience it really depends on your client’s preference. If your business requires direct interation with clients on day-to-day basis, it may also be easier compared to if you and client are in different countries. We found it helpful to just ask our clients what their preference is!

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