Estimate Number Default

Happy to announce a new feature in BillGrid: automated Estimate Numbering. This feature has already been available on invoices and now it is available for estimates.

By default all accounts start off with a Numbering 000001 and empty prefix. This can be easily tweaked under Settings->Estimate Defaults (or Invoice Defaults for invoices).

Estimate Defaults

For example lets suppose your company name is Italian Bakery Inc and you would like your estimate numbers to look like IB-000001, IB-000002 and so on. You can easily do this by saving IB as the prefix on your Invoice and Estimate Defaults and you’re done.

Estimate Number


Some advanced tips:Some folks find it convenient to sort through invoices/estimates by year. You can accommodate this easily if you add the year into your default prefix this way your invoices/estimate number could look like: IB2014 – 000001.

As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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