Import Expenses to New Invoice

We hope you’re all enjoying the World Cup (we certainly do). Despite of all the fun – we’ve been hard at work and happy to announce a new feature for Invoices: Import Expenses.

Expenses are designed to track one-off charges when you are not yet ready to invoice your clients. Once you are ready to send the invoice. You can either select all expenses for a given client/project on Expenses page and use Convert to Invoice button:

convert expenses

or you can start creating a new Invoice and use Import Expenses button once you’ve selected the client:

import expenses

In both cases all OPEN expenses will be added as new line items on an invoice.

Things to know:

  • A new expense is created with an Open status
  • An imported to invoice expense (with invoice saved) will show up with status Exported
  • A paid invoice with an expense will automatically change expense status to Paid
  • If there are expenses you do not wish to import you have the option of closing them via Close button on the Expenses page. This will make the status of an expense as Closed. There is always an option to delete an expense if you want to get rid of the expense entirely.

If you have been using BillGrid for a while you might need to clear your browser cache to pick up the changes from this release. If not sure how to do that you can refer to our earlier post clearing browser cache.

Bill Happy,

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