Invoice Due Date Reminders

One of the most powerful features of online invoicing tools is sending an automatic reminder when the invoice is gone unpaid and past due.

Some folks choose a very personal touch when it comes to their client’s payments, but still need help remembering when a particular invoice is due. For that you have an option to send a due date reminder to yourself. On the other hand, most companies choose to automate this and send a past due reminder automatically to clients.

You can setup reminders that are sent out before, on the due date or after the due date of the invoice, by simply moving the arrows next to the due date. If you need more then one, simply click on the + icon to add more. Just don’t forget to Save when you’re finished.


A standard client reminder text goes as follows:

$clientFirstName $clientLastName,

We are reminding you that your invoice is due on $invoiceDueDate and due amount is $invoiceBalance .
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Anything with the $ sign is used as a placeholder for the your client and invoice information from which the reminder will be sent. Want to customize the message so it fits your company image better – just update the text and move around the variables so they match your new format. Variables could be:

  • $clientFirstName
  • $clientFullName
  • $clientLastName
  • $projectName
  • $clientCompanyName
  • $yourEmail
  • $yourName
  • $yourCompanyName
  • $invoiceAmount
  • $invoiceBalance
  • $invoiceLink
  • $invoiceDueDate

To see this in action check out your Setting/Email Defaults section which will look similar to below:


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