Online Billing Saving the Planet?

While searching through Wikipedia on what can be considered a “green” we found no clear answer. We found no clear standard for “green technology”, but only some thoughts and opinions on what can be. Whilst that may be true, best way to picture “green” to envision a state of mind where using sustainable resources and conserving energy are priorities and reducing waste and sharing the same motivation is equally important.
 A quote from GreenGirlGlobal does a great summary:

A GREEN movement is to weigh the steps and determine the route of lowest impact. Each GREEN business and every GREEN person introduces their own unique changes to make things GREENER. Being GREEN is a choice.

Online Billing Invoices save the World?

Consider a regular invoice workflow where a company will generate dozens of printed invoices and use postal services to mail an invoice and receive payment. Online invoice services generate no such payper waste and require no transportation outside of a simple point and click. Think of the trees that no longer need to processed into paper and exhaust fumes that no longer need to be produced by the postal trucks.

Someone will surely question if running an online billing service is really a waste-free enterprise. Running computers still requires power and unless this power is taken from solar or wind power source it still bears an impact on the environment. However there is still a choice left. If power can not be all generated from renuable materials – commitments can still be made to preserve the environment to recoupe any negative impact. “Green Company” Promise 

At we to provide an easy, robust and secure plarform to manage customer billing, invoices and expenses. Everewhere where possible – we use sustainable power energy sources to reduce our footprint and encourage everyone to do the same. We uphold our commitment to sustain all negative impacts our company produces by supporting NYRP organization.

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