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So Many Options for Online Invoicing Solution – How Do I Choose?

Stumbled upon some online invoicing solutions on our favorite freelancing site – www.freelanceswitch.com. After reviewing a few proviers, we think that online invoicing solutions have a lot of work to do and here is why. Features that solutions should be providing:

  • easy to use, time saving features
  • safe and secure data policies
  • ability to manage from one to a lot of clients, with reports and dashboard to show full story
  • ability to create drafts, expenses during lifecycle of the project 
  • ability to send snail mail invoices for offline clients
  • simple payment integrations so you can get paid
  • extras like: estimates, timesheets, multiple logins


Its easy to get lost in all of the features, but really important questions to ask  


  • Are you saving time by using this application?
  • Are you able to get a better view on your clients and projects?
  • Can you have information easily exported for your accountant?
  • Will the invoicing tool let me manage up when my business is growing? 


At BillGrid we serve the very purpose of  providing an easy to use online invoice and expense management system. If you are shopping for an invoicing application definitely check out our service @ www.billgrid.com