Uplifted Payment Screens and More Stuff..

It might sound strange – but we’d love you to spend less time with BillGrid. If we designed the system right – you’d be on your way to the beach (or other preferred location) while BillGrid is doing the heavy work. The goal is obvious – create invoices in seconds, setup payment integrations to easily accept payments and use due date reminders so you would not need to do any follow ups. So what happened? Well, as hard as it is to accept – but we could have used some improvements to help invoice creation, payments interface and so on. We’ve listened to the feedback and are now ready with some time-saving improvements!

Wise Client Picker

If you have more then a few clients – selecting them out of the long list is a painful endeavor. Why not add a type-ahead picker that matches to any part of the client name, say you?


Record More Details About Offline Payments

When entering client payment its handy to remember when the payment was made, how the payment was made (check, credit card..) and maybe some additional details about it. We realize that not all payments are done online – so we’ve enabled to enter all of such details within your Payment screens.


More Intuitive Online Payment Screens

Your client will thank you for the the uplifted payment interface – which is now more mobile friendly and intuitive.


Client with Tax Id

In some countries – it is required to have company Tax Id specified for each company listed. Even if you could have jammed that information before in other fields – we’ve added a designated location for it under Additional Information.

taxId taxId_2

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